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Hurricane Florence Major Flooding Tip’s for Homeowners & Business! Blog; 09-12-2018

Hurricane Florence Major Flooding Tip’s for Homeowners & Business!
By William E. Fisher, Jr

As Hurricane Florence makes landfall higher then normal tides, and storm surge can cause catastrophic damage! After the flooding has accrued it may still be days or weeks before you can gain access to your property, and belongings. It only takes 24 to 36 hours for mold to start to take over the interior of homes and business. So by the time you can re inter your property the mold growth will be well on its way to contaminate the interior. It all comes down to timing the sooner you can get started the better! Most homes have drywall and that kind of material can still stay wet for days before it can dry out. Drywall is also an ideal source for food that can increase the speed of the mold growth. Mold is a plant and the spores it produces are seeds that will create new adult mold spores. So as long as you have wet material and high humidity the molds spores will continue to grow taking over the interior of the building.

If your trying to do some of the mold remediation yourself make sure that your body is protected from the Toxic Mold Contamination that’s now eating your home! Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect your airway, eye’s, and skin. Most of these products can be picked up at Home Depo or Lowe’s. White disposable protective clothing, Rubber Boots, Rubber Gloves, Chemical Goggles, and if you can afford it a full face Mask with filters. You can use a paper mask but personally I feel they fall short on giving you the protection you need but their better then nothing! DO NOT! Go into a heavily mold contaminated building without your Personal Protective Equipment! (PPE). Again that means NO” flip flops, short’s or tee shirts! The stuff you normally have on everyday just wont cut it for any real protection.

Per EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Guidelines says anything damaged by flood waters such as ocean, river, lake, or sewage should be discarded and replaced. This is not water form a water line leak inside your home! It contaminated water full of mold and bacteria! Hard plastic’s, metal, glass, pot’s, and pan’s can be cleaned and salvaged! Anything with a hard non porous surface can be cleaned! However damaged clothing, furniture, carpeting, padding, bedding must go!

Get the Black Mold Contaminated material out of the building as soon as possible! But before you start the Mold Remediation Process make sure your using your Personal Protective Equipment! Many people over the years doing mold remediation without using (PPE) have come down with pneumonia! It can kill you folks under the right conditions so be real careful if you decide to take on a mold project on your own! It’s your property you can do what you want but use your head and be safe wile doing it!

The South Eastern Mold Institute has been training students since 2002, and is a part of AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc. We do Toxic Mold Inspection / Mold Remediation Training, Mold Inspections, Mold Remediation, Spraying Mold and Bacteria Contaminated Buildings, Litigation Support, and Consulting.

William E. Fisher, Jr has been in the Housing Industry for over forty five years and has attained a wealth of knowledge of building technology as well as the Indoor Air Quality Industry. Mr. Fisher is the only person in Florida to ever receive a Letter of Commendation from the Florida Depart of Environmental Protection for work and consulting of Florida owned properties.

Some of the common mold’s that will be growing inside your newly mold contaminated home or business can be Aspergillus, Cladosporium, and Penicillum. The Aspergillus Mold’s can look green or brown and can cover everything sometimes looking like dust. If you look at the mold and it looks dry don’t think for one minute its dead! No its now in a dormant state like sleeping just waiting for the right conditions to start its regrowth! The right condition is water and or high humidity!

Penicillum Mold loves wet carpet and when it becomes active is white in color. Within a few days it will cover your carpet damaging it beyond repair! If you have any kind of mold growing on your carpet get ride of it! Don’t let any carpet cleaning company tell you that they can get it all! That impossible! If you let them try it will come back then you and your family are now living in a mold contaminated environment.

For your information (FYI) No one can walk into your Mold Contaminated Home or Business and tell you with 100% accuracy what is growing on your property! There are over 34 plus mold’s in the family of mold’s called Aspergillus, and some of them are more dangerous to humans then others. The only way for sure to know the kind of mold’s growing your mold contaminated property is through testing! Their are over one hundred thousand known molds so far! So if someone comes in and starts identifying then all over the place send them away! If they tell you then can make all the mold in your home go away that’s also not true! Mold is the Worlds largest Bio-Mass! So every time you open a door or window mold will come in.

Certified Mold Inspector’s and Certified Mold Remediator’s trained through The South Eastern Mold Institute, Inc in Panama City, Florida are the best trained technicians out there today! The skills used by SEMI trained personal are among the very best as Water Restoration Professional’s!
If you need your property skillfully saved look for the SEMI Mold Certification for the BEST!

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