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Black Toxic Mold Symptoms

Symptoms of Black Toxic Mold and Sick Building Syndrome.

High spore counts in your home or work area can cause a host of symptoms, Black Toxic Mold, Sick Home Syndrome, and Sick Building Syndrome has been around for years but is just in the lastBlack Mold Symptoms few years have really made the news. Here are just a few of the symptoms to look for in a Black Toxic Mold Contaminated Environment.

Mold = Nasal Congestion
Mold = Irritation of the eyes
Mold = Inflammation of the sinuses
Mold = Irritation of the skinBlack
Mold Symptoms
Mold = Breathlessness

Mold = Headache
Mold = Runny nose
Mold = Fatigue
Mold = Cough
Mold = Sore throat
Mold = Hoarseness

Mold = Inflammation of the ear
Mold = Bleeding Lungs
Mold = Nose Bleeds
Mold = Memory Loss
Mold = Arthralgia ( Pain in the joints without swelling )

When people are consistently exposed to high mold spore levels or Black Toxic Molds, they are likely to begin developing allergic sensitivity to these and other allergens. We are not saying that everyone who gets a headache or a sore throat is being exposed to Black Toxic Mold or has Sick Home Syndrome. What we are saying is if you’re in a new environment either living or working and you go from being a well person to a sick person with the above symptom’s look around and see if you notice Black Mold Black Mold Symptomsgrowing on the walls or ceiling. Has your home or office ever been flooded and you smell a musty odor? Start looking around you and be aware of your environment because if you don’t know one else will.

In the insurance industry there is a term know as loss prevention, this means finding ways not to lose money. We are the people that do the living and dying, and buying and selling in this world and we need to start thinking about loss prevention, have you ever Black Mold Symptomsbeen to a restaurant and could see Black Mold growth on the ceiling? I have and I don’t eat there anymore. How about when looking for a home to purchase, you smell a strong odor or see unmistakable signs of Mold or water damage. You should have it tested by a Certified Mold Inspector before you buy, and again this is loss prevention, prevention of loss of your health and hard earned money.

Having your home tested by a Certified Mold Inspector is the best money you will ever spend! It buys you peace of mind for you and your family, and is also loss prevention for your future.

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