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Frequently Asked Questions about
Black Toxic Mold

What is Mold?

Mold is a fungi. There are more than 100,000 known species of mold. Mold can survive the cold of space and high temperatures. High spore levels in the air can have health effects on people. Overexposure can cause breathing problems, congestion, hay fever, and allergies just to name a few. Water damaged building materials is a good food source to promote mold growth in the home environment.

What is Toxic Mold?

Toxic mold can be of any species. Mold becomes toxic, when one is over exposed to high levels and the human body has a reaction to overexposure to these toxins in the environment.

What is Black Mold?

Mold can come in many colors. Just because mold is black does not mean that is Stachybotrys atra. Mold can grow on many types of materials and this in turn can affect it color.

What is a Sick House?

A home that is no longer environmentally safe for people to live in. Mold in the home can cause people to have allergies and other symptoms that could have an impact on their health. Sick House or (Home) in some cases can be treated to remove the contamination to safe levels. In an extreme case of contamination the home my have to be demolished.

What is Mold Allergy?

These are the symptoms that can cause people to have a reaction to high concentrations of mold spores in the home or work environment. Over a period of time the body’s immune system will break down and the subject will experience flu like symptoms. Examples: nasal congestion, inflammation of the sinuses, headaches, and cough just to name a few.

What is Mold Removal?

The elimination of contaminated material in a home or business that has been tested and found to be a danger to public health. A trained professional should do work of this nature.

What is Mold Remediation?

The safe and professional removal of mold contaminated material from a structure, and the use of safe guards to protect the uncontaminated areas of the structure to insure public safety.

What is Mold Mildew?

When people see mildew growth on the north side of their home or in a shaded area most people refer to it as mildew, this is a fungi that likes a dark damp area. This type of mold should be washed from homes and buildings to help cut down on the likely hood of this contaminate from infecting your home environment.

What is House Mold?

This mold is like any mold found in our every day environment. These molds sometimes find their way into our homes and do multiply; in most cases, because of high humidity or from water leaks that can sometimes go undetected giving the mold spores the right condition for growth in walls, floors, and ceiling areas.

What is a Mold Spore?

These spores are microscopic in size it has been said that 250 thousand can fit on the head of a pin, and over 300 million spores can cover one square foot. Mold spores can infect a large area and cannot be seen with the human eye. They are present everywhere indoors and outdoors.

What is Mold Inspection?

A certified mold inspector should perform inspections for mold and other toxic contamination. Using the right equipment to test indoor air quality and visual inspection to locate the source of the infestation and providing a treatment plan to clear the home or business of mold.

What is a Mold Inspector?

This is a person that has been trained in the art of testing air and direct samples for mold spores and other contaminates in the environment.

What is Black Mold Symptoms?

Black mold symptoms can very from person to person. High mold spore counts in the home environment can cause some to have an allergic reaction and they have been known to kill infants that were continually exposed over a long period of time.

What are Toxic Mold Symptoms?

When people are consistently exposed to high mold spore levels a host of symptoms can develop, here a few to look for nasal congestion, irritation of the eyes, inflammation of the sinuses, irritation of the skin, breathlessness, headaches, runny nose, sore throat, hoarseness, fatigue, and memory loss.

What are Toxic Mold Attorneys?

These types of attorneys in most cases are personal injury attorneys or toxic tort attorneys. Ask about their qualifications and experience in this field.
What is Mold Growth?

This is the process by which mold grows and multiplies. When this goes unchecked in the home environment and the levels of mold spores become to high, over exposure to mold can cause health problems.

What is Basement Mold?

This mold can be any number of molds in the fungi family. Basements are cool and damp areas that can grow mold on the walls, under carpet, and carpet padding. Mold growth in the basement can have an effect on the health of everyone living in the home from high mold exposure.

What is Mold Insurance?

Mold insurance is a policy written to help homeowners to recover loses from toxic mold contamination. Some insurance companies are trying to rewrite their policies to exclude mold claims.

Are there different Types of Mold?

There are many types of mold, and in cases of high mold exposure people can have health problems and a variety of symptoms such as asthma, nosebleed, memory loss, fatigue, and hay fever.

What is Mold Exposure?

Being exposed to a high concentration of contamination in a home or work environment that can pose a health risk and cause allergies and other symptoms.

What is a Mold Law Suite?

This is when a person files a suite in a court of law to receive compensation for loss of health and property. In most cases these types of attorneys are personal injury trial lawyers.

What is a Mold Treatment?

Can be a chemical treatment of an area and the removal of contaminated or water damaged material to reduce the spread of mold spores in the home environment. The use of a chemical that can kill mold on contact is preferable.

If my home is not setup right can this do harm?

Yes! Your manufactured home was shipped with a installation booklet with instructions on how to setup your home, this book will show how the blocking, anchoring, and exterior close up is to be done. If these instructions are not done per manufactured instructions your home may have problems such as leaks from your roof, settling from poor blocking, and air infiltration which could create a condition of negative air pressure. This in turn could allow microorganisms in to your home.

What does that HUD seal on my home mean?

This plate certifies to the best of the manufactures knowledge and belief that this manufactured home is in accordance with requirements of the Dept. of HUD and Federal Safety Standards Act. Does this guarantee the home to be defect free? No!
Inspectors other than the factories quality control dept. only have to inspect your home once and they enforce the HUD code. It could be a frame with no floor or walls and that could count as that one inspection.

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