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Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation Services

Black Toxic Mold Inspections

We use state of the art Black Mold – Toxic Mold testing methods to locate the Black and Toxic molds in your home. We carefully use visual inspections to locate Black and Toxic Mold in your floors, ceilings, walls, attic area, carpet, furniture and HVAC system. We use (Air-o-cell), Mold culture plates, swab Black Mold samples, lift tape Black Toxic Mold samples, and air testing to locate the Toxic Black Mold making you and your family sick.

New Home Mold Inspections

This is an example of a home in the construction phase. Note that all of the wood is left out in the rain and this allows for the growth of mold before you even move in to the home. If it looks like Black Toxic Mold growing on the lumber during construction this should be tested by a Certified Mold Inspector and treated by Mold Remediation before the interior dry wall is installed. It is wise for a consumer to have a certified mold inspection of the home when its in the frame stage of construction. This is the first step to protecting your investment from Black Mold and Toxic Mold growth at the earliest stage of the home. We can treat the mold infected areas. In some cases it wise to remove mold infected lumber and treat the building with our Mold Killing Treatment. Building a home with mold on the lumber is like installing a time bomb that will go off when water is added, Its better to be safe then sorry at this stage of the game.

Pre-Owned Home Mold Inspections

It is important to have a home inspected for black toxic mold before you purchase a pre owned home because it may save you thousands in repair. Not knowing the history of your prospective home could be a gamble with your families health, if you buy a home without testing for Black Toxic Mold Contamination, simple things that could have occurred in the past such as toilet over flow, leaking plumbing lines, window leaks, roof leaks and floods can cause Black Toxic Mold to grow in the home and then you could be the proud owner of a home with Sick Building Syndrome. As Certified Mold Inspectors and Certified Mold Remediation we are trained to find these type of Black Toxic Mold Problems.  

Mold Remediation

Black toxic mold removal ( Black toxic mold remediation ) of building materials from your home or business from water Mold Remediation damage. We do this on a case by case bases depending on the distance from our base of operation. Our black toxic mold killing treatment inhibits or kills many bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, mildews, and algae in your home and business environment. Mold contamination can enter your structure from many different ways and its our job to help you find the path that the mold contamination followed to take control of your home or business. We give our customers a through mold remediation plan with every inspection this will help educate you on the steps you Mold Remediation is tearing out the old molded material and treating the area then replaceing it with new. need to take to combat the mold invasion of your property that’s causing poor health in you and your family. After reviewing our easy to read and understand inspection report with photograph you will be able to use this information to present it to your homeowners insurance company or you legal counsel to take the proper course of action. We use safe mold remediation protocols to treat and Spray Treatment for Moldkill mold from your property so if you have mold hiding in your walls, ceiling, and floors use Mobile Tech’s 28 plus years in the housing industry to locate and safely remove or treat the mold contamination that’s effecting your and your families health.

Litigation Support on Black Mold

With 28 years in the housing industry with experience in Construction, Design, License as a Manufactured Housing Installer, State Certified as a Mobile Home Plant Inspector in Florida, Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Remediation by the Certified Mold Inspectors & Mold Contractors Institute, also a Certified Environmental Inspector through the Environmental Assessment Association we can work hand in hand with your legal teams strategy for litigation support and expert witness in regards to Black Toxic Mold, Sick House Syndrome, Mold Remediation, Inferior Home Installation, and Defect in Construction.

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The Black Toxic Mold Inspector

This map shows our normal service area for Mold Inspections FL, SC, GA, AL, MS, and LA. We will travel outside this area to help customers with their Mold Contaminated Home or Business for additional fees.

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