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Black Toxic Mold Products

Mold Inspections:

We will come to your location and perform a detailed study for Mold Contamination. We use state of the art Black Mold – Toxic Mold testing methods to locate the Black and Toxic molds in your home. We carefully use visual inspections to locate Black and This is what a mold sample looks like after it has grown in a lab for 7 days to get results.Toxic Mold in your floors, ceilings, walls, attic area, carpet, furniture and HVAC system. We use (Air-o-cell), Mold culture plates, swab Black Mold samples, lift tape Black Toxic Mold samples, and air testing to locate the Toxic Black Mold making you and your family sick.
You will receive a certified laboratory analysis of the samples collected from the inspection location that includes the types of mold and the mold spore count in your home or business This is a Certified Mold Inspector taking a sample of mold growing in a bathroom.environment. This will also include the control sample from the outside area of the test location which should reflect what you should expect the air quality to be.
You will also receive a report from our certified mold inspector detailing defects in the structure and a remediation plan on how to treat the mold contamination. This report is helpful when dealing with insurance claims or court litigation.

Mold Remediation Mold Treatment:

After the initial inspection and the development of the mold This is a Certified Mold Remediation treatment performed after the remediation plan has been put together.remediation plan we can treat the structure with a mold killing solution that will kill mold on contact.
Delaying in this process can be detrimental to the structure because left untreated mold growth will continue to spread throughout the structure making the condition environmentally unhealthy for those living or working within the infected location.

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