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Hurricane Florence A Water, & Mold Damage Event on the Horizon! Blog: 09-11-2018

Hurricane Florence A Water, & Mold Damage Event on the Horizon!
By William E. Fisher, Jr
President of the South Eastern Mold Institute & AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc.

Blog: 09-11-2018

Yes’ Hurricane season is here once again and the 2018 storms are on the increase as we enter the middle of the storm season. Mold contamination in storm damaged homes can be one of the worst experiences you can face. Its bad enough your personal property get water damaged but then within 24 to 36 hours after the flood waters have receded that Black Toxic Mold is now everywhere!

When your given permission to re-enter the storm damaged area make sure you go back with the proper equipment before you enter you water, damaged home or business. First of all do NOT go into the building with flip flops, short paints, and a tee shirt! After Hurricane Katrina Hit New Orleans, LA the damage was catastrophic! Hurricane Florence more then likely do the same type of damage or worst!

When you return you may discover that your standing in the middle of a Toxic Mold Envelope. In other words the indoor air quality could be thousands or even millions of times higher then the outside air. So if your walking around trying to pick through you contaminated belongings there could also be another sinister agent hiding in your home or work place! Its called Bacteria! Everywhere that water can stand or be trapped can also breed Misquotes, Mold and yes Bacteria! The problem is without testing of the contaminated material you never know for sure just what your dealing with. Anyone going into these Mold, and Bacteria contaminated structures are playing Russian Roulette with their health! Yes if exposed to a very high level of mold spores and or bacteria you can get very sick! You only have one life so take care of it!

Before going into your mold contaminated building make sure your protect! At the very least have a Mask to protect your airway, eyes, and skin. A full face mask or paper mask! Remember the mold spore level can be in the millions. When you breath under normal conditions your taking in about a dozen mold spores per breath. But in an extremely contaminated environment it could be in the tens of thousands or in the millions per breath. Rubber gloves, paper suite, rubber boots, should be used for your protection. Go on line and look up Personal Protection Equipment! (PPE).

Mold is invisible to the naked eye! You can get over 150 thousand mold spores on the head of a straight pin! One square foot of mold on a wall or any surface can contain as many as 300 million mold spores! As you start removing mold contaminated mold the mold spore levels can reach over 1000 times higher where your working! Never work in these areas or allow your children to enter into these contaminated work areas! Don’t allow your children to help you especially if there is no personal safety equipment available! (PPE).

Church groups like to come into these areas trying to help but I’ve also seen where they failed to have proper safety equipment to protect their workers. Their hearts are in the right place but without proper training they can do more damage to the property and their selves as well. The South Eastern Mold Institute has hands on classes as well as study at home courses for beginners getting into these dangerous contaminated structures. Remember planing, and safety comes first!

AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc is a company that has taken on big and small jobs in regards to Toxic Mold Contamination. Consulting for Water Damaged Properties, and William E. Fisher, Jr is one of the very few people that also offers Litigation Support for Court Cases for Mold Issues. Consulting for Attorneys helping their clients fight Insurance Companies not wanting to cover storm damages, and Mold Contamination. We also do Spray Treatments for Mold Contaminated buildings to combat the growing Fungal contamination.

The South Eastern Mold Institute is the training arm of its parent company AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions Inc. We train Governmental Agencies, Collages, and University’s, Church Groups, First Responders, and people of all walks of life trying to combat mold contamination.

Lets talk about Chemicals to kill mold contamination. Don’t use Bleach because its to week to kill the mold on contact, and it evaporates to quickly to soak into the material you may be treating. There are a lot of chemicals on the market. Some work and others don’t! The importation thing is using (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment. Your mask will need to have chemical filters because anything that can kill mold can also kill people. If your only using a paper mask make sure your also using Chemical Goggles, and not the Carpenter Goggles with all those air holes! If you think its to much for you to handle please get a professional to do the job!

We sell an Anti-Microbial product called Fisher’s Sub-due XXX. For information, and price just call us at 850-276-3135. We do this for our students that have taken our Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, and Water Restoration Course. We are still running our Summer Special for the Study at Home Course at $550.00 Dollars U.S.

Get your Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, and Water Restoration Certification through the South Eastern Mold Institute. Your Toxic Mold Educational Resource that can elevate your business to the next level of success! Call us today! 850-276-3135 www.moldclass.com

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