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Witness & Litigation Support

Witness & Litigation Support

William E. Fisher, Jr is considered The Mold Guru of the Toxic Mold Industry. Not because I have lived on top of a mountain to seek out, and gather enlightenment! But because of my vast knowledge with years of experience of the residential housing, and commercial building industries. Considered an expert in Manufactured Housing by the State of Florida I have sat as an expert witness for mold-related issues for both mold and building defects that can contribute to mold contamination problems.

As a former Florida Licensed Manufactured Housing Installer I can survey the home for built-in defects, and or installation issues causing problems with mold growth due to the humidity inside the homes interior or exterior walls.

I have received a Letter of Commendation from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in 2007 for work and consulting for Florida State owned properties. Currently Licensed in Florida as a Mold Assessor, Mold Remediator, and Licensed Mold Related Service Trainer. I have worked with Attorneys doing Research, Depositions, Inspections of contaminated properties, Expert Witness, and Consulting. I’ve also worked as a Florida State Inspector with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles inspecting Manufactured Housing Factory’s to enforce the HUD Building Standards, Consumer Complaints, and inspection of RV Dealerships.

I have given litigation support in the states of: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana.
AAA Advanced Air and Mold Solutions, Inc is the Parent Company of the South Eastern Mold Institute Inc. We have gained our accreditation from the governmental agency that use our services!
The Department of Defense, USMC, ARMY, NAVY, & AIR FORCE
The Department of the Interior
The Department of Home Land Security
The Veterans Administration
The Florida Department of Health
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection just to name a few

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