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Toxic Mold Remediation

Toxic Mold Remediation
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Toxic Mold Remediation is a serious business, and one of the big problem’s today is contractors with little to no experience or total lack of training! Some are taking short cuts to keep their cost down or they just don’t know any better! This is the main area of this business were cutting corners can cause people to get sick, and or even kill them over time!

To understand how to best remove the mold contamination you first have to understand how mold lives and how it interacts with us in our home or work environments. As a Florida Licensed Mold Related Services Trainer one of the first things I teach my students is the science and health effects of mold contamination in those home or work environments.

AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to get you back into that home or business you own! We use time tested method’s and protocols we developed over the years for work and safety during the project! Our mission is to get your life back on track for you and your family. We use the right chemical to kill mold on contact using the remediation plan to get the work done right the first time! You will receive a detailed report from an independent laboratory, a report of our investigation with photos, and any recommendations needed to make your mold contaminated building safe once again.

Remediation of any building is possible up to a point, but every now and then we do find a structure that due to cost, and the over all value of the building it can become a total loss. What we can do for you at that point is get you the critical information needed to deal with your insurance company, and possibly your Attorney for litigation support. We have remediated residential, commercial, auto’s, motor homes, manufactured housing, air craft, shipping, and hospitals. No matter the size of the project large or small our team of mold professional can get the job done for  you!  


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