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Spray Treatments for Mold

Spray Treatments for Mold

AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions can do Indoor Spray Treatments for your home or business.
In the Mold Remediation business one of the things we have to keep in mind is what are the mold spore levels inside your home or work environments. We like to see indoor air equal to or below the exterior. By testing outside the building then inside the interior we can get a good idea where your home or business is environmentally concerning mold spore levels.

Their are no Federal Standards in regards to Mold Spore Levels however we do have our industry standards we go by. Based on the analysis of samples collected at the job site we can then write our remediation plan to get the building back into a safe level concerning mold contamination.

We use an independent laboratory for the analysis of all samples collected on site. If there is a determination that the building needs a spray treatment we use a Sanitizing Anti-Microbial Chemical that will kill mold on contact. The chemical will kill the mold and any bacteria it comes into contact with. It will also remove the moldy odor that may also be present inside the building.

We spray attics, the interior of the building, and crawl spaces under the home as well, if necessary to get your homes mold problem solved. The key is to discover the reason for the contamination in the first place! This has to be accomplished first before the spraying can start.

Once the home has been treated a clearance test will also be preformed to check mold levels inside the building. We use professional contractor’s when needed to prevent any conflict of interest.

AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions Inc received a letter of commindation in 2007 for work on Florida owned properties. Spray Treatments were also part of the work preformed on those buildings.

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