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SEMI Training & Certification

The South Eastern Mold Institute Inc is the Certification and Accreditation you should be looking for!

With Members here in the United States from coast to coast, and now in over 14 countries world wide. Our students with their Certification, and the Governmental Agency’s that uses our service for Inspection, Remediation, and Advanced Educational Training allows us the unique Accreditation most other training bodies just don’t have. Mortgage Companies, Insurance, Bank’s, and Property Management Companies like to see the SEMI Logo on your Certificate more then any other!

William E. Fisher, Jr (Bill) is the President of both AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc and the South Eastern Mold Institute. Your training comes from year’s of experience in the housing, and construction industry!

For over 16 year’s now SEMI has been the most consistent training organization in America for Indoor Air Quality, and the Art of Mold Remediation! Many training organizations have come and gone it those 16 years but SEMI stands strong because of our commitment to your education in the Toxic Mold Inspection and Toxic Mold Remediation Industry. Unlike other organizations that certify them selves or group together to try to give themselves some legitimacy. SEMI Accreditation is solid because of our working with Federal, State, County, and City government agency’s.

At SEMI we don’t write you off once your certified! We support our students with on the phone counstation as needed if you are running into a problem with your mold related projects. I will give you the best advice possible as our student body has already discovered.

SEMI is not the least expenseve training out there it’s probely the most! But when it come to your education don’t throw your hard earned money away for cheep education that has no real standing!

If you think that you may want to join up and be a life long member with SEMI contact
William E. Fisher, Jr.
President of SEMI

Email Bill at: mold_class@yahoo.com

Study at home courses $ 550.00 with life long membership! No yearly fee’s!

Hands on Training class $ 1,250.00 with life long membership! No yearly fee’s!

One on One Privet Class $ 1,500.00 with life long membership! No yearly fee’s!

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